Healing Spa Packages


Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching – discover your dosha (constitution) and lifestyle practices specific to you to bring balance into your life

Yoga – gentle, yin, restorative, or chair

Meditation – guided meditation for the season, dosha, moon cycle or personal request

Reiki – loving, healing energy used to clear stagnant energy out of the chakras so that the lifeforce energy can flow freely. 

Medical Intuition – an intuitive scan of the body which includes a summary of intuitive insights

Massagefor healing, pain relief, increased range of motion and flexibility.  A time to relax and be stress free. ​​​

TMJ Massage – Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is located within the jaw and can be very painful. This massage helps to alleviate the pain caused by TMJ. 

Raindrop Therapy – includes the use of essential oils applied to the feet and spine in a way to enhance the organ system. It is a great way to detox and bring balance to the body; physically, mentally, & emotionally.

Package Options

Choose 2-3 healing modalities, maximum 3 persons for group option**

Each session can be scheduled for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. 

Included in all packages:

Choose a Goddess, Earth or Angel card to bring awareness to the intention of your experience.

If you are open to other healing tools, we may include these into your services: Essential oils, singing bowls, crystals, drums, etc.

Add ons:

Lunch from Bakehouse Bread – limit 1: salad, sandwich, soup; plus, drink ($20)

Mala Beads specific to your dosha, charged with Reiki energy, cleansed by a Full Moon bath and handmade by Tapestry practitioners. Purchase of mala beads with a meditation session includes: how to use the mala beads in your personal meditation package, plus a personal mantra (affirmation) chosen for you by your meditation guru to use with your beads. ($95)

Chakra Stone Set including seven healing stones that correspond with the seven energy centers. Each stone has it's own healing properties that help to balance, align and activate the matching chakra. ($20)

Small Stone Kit includes 3 different healing stones specifically chosen and used during your Reiki session. Continue the healing at home! ($10)
**Services must be paid in full at time of scheduling. Full refund on cancellations made 48 hours before scheduled appointment.  A 75% credit to account on cancellations made less than 48 hours before scheduled appointment.

**To schedule a healing spa package, please call for available dates and times.
By Appointment Only

Please give a 24 hour notice on cancellations
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